Job Location (State): 
Fort Lauderdale

This is skilled, specialized work of varied difficulty combating, extinguishing and preventing fires; performing
rescue and emergency medical services and/or performing special assignment duties in auxiliary service in support of
the Fire Department’s programs.
Employees in this class are responsible for the protection and preservation of life and property by responding to
emergencies and through the performance of firefighting/rescue tasks and providing emergency medical care.

often requires the performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions which may involve extreme physical
exertion, heat, noxious smoke, zero visibility and mental concentration. Employees may be assigned to duties
employing special skills such as conducting fire prevention inspections, training, emergency medical services, and
other support services. Part of duty time is spent inspecting and maintaining equipment and apparatus, in supervised
training and in maintaining quarters. Work is normally performed under the close supervision of departmental
superiors in accordance with well-defined policies, procedures and/or qualified medical direction; however, employees
must be able to exercise independent judgment in reacting to emergencies. Performance is reviewed by superiors
through direct observation of work while in progress and upon completion, through review of records and reports, and
in consultations with the employee and others knowledgeable of the employee’s performance.

Job's Requirements: 
1. Be at least 18 years old. 2. Be a High School graduate or possess a High School Equivalency Diploma (GED) from a recognized issuing agency. 3. Possess a valid Class “E” Florida Driver’s License, have a driving record that meets the City of Fort Lauderdale’s requirements, and have an E.V.O.C. (16 hour) certificate issued by a certified Florida agency. CEVOI OR II ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. 4. Possess a currently valid Firefighter Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of Statutory Compliance or Certificate of Training issued by the State of Florida. 5. Possess and maintain a currently valid Paramedic License issued by the State of Florida and AHA/ACLS Certificate or equivalent. Failure to maintain a current and valid Paramedic License will be cause for termination. 6. Been a non-smoker/non-user of tobacco (any form) for at least one (1) year prior to application, remain smoke free during employment/application process and agree not to smoke or use tobacco (in any form) on or off duty during the tenure of their employment. 7. Possess, or be able to obtain a Broward County-wide Physical Ability card from Broward Fire Academy.
US Citizenship required: